Learn The Most Valuable Secrets For Living Your Life after Kids Even Better Than you Could Dream with this FREE WEBINAR!
This Webinar is FOR YOU if you're...
  • Worried that you'll become irrelevant now that your kids are grown
  •  Lacking strong relationships or feeling lonely
  •  Fatigued, run down, or fighting the BLAH'S!
* limited seating - only 100 spots for each workshop we do... *

Dr. Brooke And Dr. Lynne Bring Over 20 Years Of Experience As Health And Wellness Experts

What You'll Learn In This Webinar:
Practical Tools To Find More Purpose So You Can Have A Sensational Life after the Kids Are Grown.
We all need a reason to wake up in the morning, something to be excited about, something that gives us a sense of fulfillment and worth, especially as we shift from mothering 24/7 to more free time. You'll learn simple tools for cultivating purpose and motivation.
How To Improve Your Relationships So You Feel Seen, Loved, and Supported 
With better connection to family, friends, and your community, you'll live a happier, healthier, more meaningful life.  Research shows that people with strong relationships live longer.  We'll help you foster your relationship with your friends, your partner, and your kids
Simple Ways To Improve Overall Health And Well-Being So You Can Pursue Your Purpose Passionately
Without physical health and emotional balance, you'll never be able to pursue your purpose and improve your relationships to the best of your ability.  We'll teach you simple ways to improve overall health  

Dr. Brooke Stillwell

Dr. Brooke has been working with women for over 20 years to help them live a healthier more emotionally balanced life.  She has 8 years of college education, with a 4 year degree in biology and a doctorate degree.  She specializes in health and wellness and has over 500 education hours in applied clinical nutrition with a focus on women's health, hormones, and digestion.  She is also trained in The Enneagram.

Dr. Lynne Mouw

Dr. Lynne is co owner of a large health & wellness facility in the Midwest, and has been working with clients for over 20 years.  She has 8 years of college education with a bachelors degree in biology & a doctorate degree.  Dr. Lynne is a certified Gallup Strength Finders Coach, and she is trained in The Enneagram.  She helps women understand themselves  better so they can live a more meaningful, vibrant life.

We welcome you to join us and countless other women who are discovering how to have

 More Purpose After The Kids Are Grown

Don't Settle For Living A Status Quo, Mediocre Midlife, Longing For The Past
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